STEP 1 Pure Maths Video Solutions

 2010 STEP 1 Question 1
 2016 STEP 1 Question 1  2016 STEP 1 Question 2
2018 STEP 1 Playlist (Single Qs: 1 2 3 4 5)

STEP 1 Probability Video Solutions

 2016 STEP 1 Question 12  2016 STEP 1 Question 13

STEP 2 Probability Questions

 2017 STEP 2 Question 12

The official Cambridge website is a good starting point for STEP and past papers can be easily accessed at the official admissions testing website as well as foundation modules to help prepare for these tough exams that test the A-level syllabus and a little beyond. The Maths Helper website has a well organised archive of past papers going back a long way and the STEP Database website allows you to search for individual STEP questions all the way back to 1987 by topic. This website also has free fully worked handwritten solutions to all STEP papers from 1996 to 2014.

Note – STEP has changed slightly for examinations from 2019 onwards, but the style of the questions are unchanged and so most past paper questions remain excellent preparation for the new exams.