UKMT Senior Kangaroo

This page contains advice for the UKMT Andrew Jobbings Senior Kagnaroo, including a table with links to past papers and past grade boundaries.

What is the Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo?

The Senior Kangaroo is a follow on round to the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge – you can enter for free if you meet the qualifiying score from the SMC, or you can also pay to make a discretionary entry (via your school/UKMT centre). For more information about all the challenges and how the follow-on rounds work, take a look at the video here:

How can I prepare for the Senior Kangaroo?

The best way to practise for the Senior Kangaroo is to practice – so try problems from the past papers below. You can also practice many past paper questions in my free course ‘Get Ready for the Senior Kangaroo‘.

Many of the video solutions are also available on the Mathsaurus YouTube channel. You can see the 2022 solutions in the video here:

Where can I find past papers for the Senior Kangaroo?

Here is a table of links to past papers (hosted at the UKMT webstite) for the Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo:

2022Question Paper 2022Solutions 2022
2021Question Paper 2021Solutions 2021
2020Question Paper 2020Solutions 2020
2019Question Paper 2019Solutions 2019
2018Question Paper 2018Solutions 2018
2017Question Paper 2017Solutions 2017
2016Question Paper 2016Solutions 2016
2015Question Paper 2015Solutions 2015

What are the past grade boundaries for the Senior Kangaroo?

In the Senior Kangaroo, students get 5 marks per question correct, and there are no penalties for wrong answers. With a total of 20 questions, the maximum possible score is 100.

The top 25% of participants receive a Certificate of Merit (with all others receiving a Certificate of Participation). Grade boundaries for some past Senior Kangaroo papers can be found in the table below.


Can I take both the Senior Kangaroo and the BMO?

Yes, in theory it is possible to take both papers, though typically students will sit one or the other of the Kangaroo and Olympiad. You will only receive free entry to the round you have qualified for, however, it is possible to make a discretionary entry for one or both papers. But due to the length of the Senior Olympiad in particular, it is advised to choose just one of the papers to take.

Why is it called the Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo?

Andrew Jobbings was a major contributor to the UKMT and a key representative of UKMT with the Association Kangourou sans Fronti√®res. He played a large role in bringing the Kangaroo papers to a UKMT audience every year and the Senior Kangaroo was named after him after his death in 2019.