Online Maths Courses, Small Group and 1-1 Tuition

Mathsaurus has a range of online courses (including many that are totally free!) and other resources to help you prepare for maths exams, GCSE and A-level maths and more.

All created by an Oxford maths graduate and experienced teacher, the content here will help you appreciate and enjoy maths more fully as well as preparing you for competitions and exams.

Small Group and 1-1 Tuition with Kevin

Alongside creating these courses, Kevin also offers individual and small group maths tuition. For more information and to book take a look here:

Free maths challenge preparation courses for ages 10-18:

In these totally free (no payment details needed at any stage) courses you can practise questions from recent UKMT and Mathematical Association maths challenges. There’s something for all ages 10-18. Click your course below to get started now!

More comprehensive maths challenge preparation courses for ages 10-16:

The age 13-16 course is ideal for any students preparing for the Intermediate Maths Challenge or Kangaroo rounds and could also be taken by advanced students of younger ages.

The courses are also available as a bundle.

Learn how to solve the toughest problems for maths challenges with video lessons and quizzes to master the most important topics and another 75 original questions with video hints and solutions!

The age 10-13 course is perfect preparation for the Junior Maths Challenge or Kangaroo and is also great for advanced primary students.

Master the hardest parts of GCSE and Get ready for A-level Maths

This bundle of five courses has been designed to be taken together to help the transition from GCSE to A-level maths. They could be taken in the summer before starting A-level, in the final year of a GCSE or IGCSE course or alongside a course like the OCR FSMQ (Additional Maths) or GCSE Further Maths. The courses are also available individually so click below to see the course you’re most interested in. All the intro teaching videos are in the free preview sections and you can upgrade if you want to access the worksheets and their video solutions.

There’s loads of other content here too – use the menus to have a look around. You can also read my thoughts on teaching online and school calculators by clicking the buttons below! There are also pages with lists and links to some of my favourite maths books here.