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11+ Past Papers

On this page I am collecting links to schools that offer access to their 11+ mathematics past papers free of charge. I have also listed the number of papers available at the time I created the link, and whether they are real or specimen papers, though of course this might change over time. I highly recommend the Manchester Grammar School papers if you are looking for a good quantity of content for the most challenging 11+ examinations.

Alleyns School (2 sample papers)
Bancroft’s School (2 sample papers)
Caterham School (1 set of sample questions)
Christs Hospital School (1 sample paper)
City of London Girls School (2 sample papers)
Colfe’s School (1 sample paper)
Dulwich College (1 specimen paper)
Emanuel School (2 sample papers)
Highgate School (3 sample papers, one with solutions)
JAGS (2 sample papers)
Kent College (1 sample paper)
KES Birmingham (1 sample paper)
Kings College Wimbledon (2 sample papers)
Latymer Upper (2 sample papers)
Magdalen College School, Oxford (1 Sample paper)
Manchester Grammar School (6 years, real past papers)
Oundle School (3 years, real past papers)
QE Barnet (1 set of sample papers)
RGS Newcastle (1 sample paper)
Royal Russell (1 sample paper)
Solihull School (1 sample paper)
St Francis College (1 sample paper)
St Paul’s Girls School (2 sample papers)
Sevenoaks School (10 years, real past papers)
Warwick School (1 sample paper)
11+ Consortium (Familiarisation materials)

I would like to maintain a comprehensive list on this page, so if you know of other schools with published past papers online then please let me know via the contact form here, including a link to the page, or also let me know if any of the links here are broken.

I don’t publish any papers that are not already made publicly available by schools and do not host any private school papers directly on this site – this is just an organised list of papers already published by schools. I do believe that there are a lot of good reasons that schools should make these available, for example to encourage access from bursary candidates, ultimately the policy is up to the school.

Please do contact me if you have access to other papers, especially for the top academic London schools as I am always interested to see what schools are asking in their papers and keen to use them in private lessons. I am happy to share other papers I may have in exchange with other tutors and teachers for the same purpose.