MAT – Oxford Mathematics Admissions Test

The Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT) is the entrance exam for Mathematics and Computer Science degrees at Oxford University*.  Practical information and past papers with solutions can be found at the official MAT website.  I sat a version of this paper when I was accepted to Oxford to study Maths and I have helped a lot of students prepare for this paper whilst teaching at top private schools in London.

The syllabus for the MAT can be found here.

If you’re preparing for the MAT, you can work through my video solutions to 40 short answer questions and 16 long answer questions from the papers from 2016 to 2020 in this free course. The same content can be found via YouTube here:

2020 All Short Answer Questions video

2019   YouTube Playlist – MAT 2019 – All Short Answer Questions (1A to J) and all long answer questions (2 to 7)

2018   YouTube Playlist – MAT 2018 – All Short (1A to J) and Long Answer Questions (2 to 7)

2017  YouTube Playlist – MAT 2017 – All Short Answer Questions (1A to J)

2016  YouTube Playlist – MAT 2016 – All Short Answer Questions and Q2 and Q3

Past Papers

MAT 2021Solutions 202151.169.573.5
MAT 2020Solutions 202057.975.281.7
MAT 2019Solutions 201944.963.669.3
MAT 2018Solutions 201850.867.172.9
MAT 2017Solutions 201751.368.773.6
MAT 2016Solutions 201650.366.773.1
MAT 2015Solutions 201543.756.362.7
MAT 2014Solutions 201448.463.171.5
MAT 2013Solutions 201344.854.260.6
MAT 2012Solutions 201252.163.068.2
MAT 2011Solutions 201150.363.371.0
MAT 2010Solutions 201049.061.469.3
MAT 2009Solutions 200951.361.270.5
MAT 2008Solutions 200858.768.0,77.0
MAT 2007Solutions 200756.963.075.2
MAT Specimen 1Solutions Specimen 1 
MAT Specimen 2Solutions Specimen 2
* These columns show the AVERAGE scores of all candidates, those who were shortlisted for interview and those who were accepted by Oxford University.

Previously this page contained links to videos of solutions to the papers from the 2016 to 2020 but I have had to remove these from YouTube.  I am looking into ways to make this content available again soon.

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Also, here’s a video about writing amazing personal statements, particularly aimed at maths: