First Mathematics Challenge

What is the First Maths Challenge?

The First Maths Challenge is a UK based maths challenge (but open to students all over the world) for ages 7-9 (or enthusiastic younger students) that runs annually in June. It has 20 increasingly difficult multiple choice problems that must be solved without a calculator in 45 minutes. It’s excellent enrichment material for keen students and a great introduction to competition and challenge style mathematics. More information about the challenge can be found on this page and also on the official website here.

Past Papers for the First Maths Challenge

The table below contains links to online versions of all of the past First Maths Challenge papers. Note, these are hosted at the Mathematical Association website, not here at Mathsaurus.

2022First Maths Challenge 2022Solutions 2022
2021First Maths Challenge 2021Solutions 2021
2020First Maths Challenge 2020Solutions 2020
2019First Maths Challenge 2019Solutions 2019

How can I prepare for the First Maths Challenge?

I am hoping to produce a free online course to help students prepare for the First Maths Challenge in 2024 and beyond. Until then more advanced students might like to take a look at the courses in the Age 9-11 section of the Mathsaurus courses website. Otherwise students should practice with all of the papers above, but also remember that it’s meant to be a fun challenge to help students enjoy maths so there’s no need to prepare too much for the challenge.

What are the grade boundaries for the First Maths Challenge?

Unlike the UKMT challenges for older students, the First Maths Challenge does not have fixed grade boundaries. Although the competition’s organisers do suggest possible boundaries for awarding certificates, it is up to each individual school to set the grade boundaries for their own students.

How do I register? (and other questions)

There is a page of further FAQs and practical information about the First Maths Challenge on the official website here. Whilst I try to provide useful and accurate information about preparing for the challenges at the Mathsaurus website, I am not directly affiliated with the competitions. I am happy to offer advice about preparing for the challenges but all organisational and other queries should be directed to the organisers of the competition.