Below you can find past paper questions and video solutions to past IGCSE questions on almost every topic at GCSE/IGCSE. The page was designed for the Edexcel IGCSE (A) Higher Tier, but the content of other syllabuses will be similar. Click on the left hand link to try some practice questions and then watch the video solutions on the right*.

*note – they don’t always cover every question from the practice sets but the year of the papers are written so you can also check the mark schemes for the relevant papers here !.

I have also made video solutions to three full past papers for the new Edexcel IGCSE Syllabus which are linked from the Past Papers page and below here there are 3 short papers made from the hardest questions from the 2015 papers.

 Mixed Hard Revision Questions 
Harder Revision A (2015 Papers) Video Solutions
Harder Revision B (2015 Papers) Video Solutions
Harder Revision C (2015 Papers) Video Solutions

I have arranged the question sets and videos below in three sections roughly in order of difficulty (with statistics questions separately at the end). You can also just see all the videos in a playlist here:

Questions by Topic – Hardest Topics
Surds (Square Roots)
Video Solutions
Functions Video Solutions
VectorsVideo Solutions
Harder Sine and Cosine Rules Video Solutions
Algebraic Fractions Video Solutions
Direct and Inverse proportion questions 1
Direct and inverse proportion questions 2
Video Solutions
 Quadratic simultaneous equations practice questions Video Solutions
Calculus practice questions Video Solutions
Harder proabability  Video Solutions
Plottting graphs and solving related equations  Video Solutions
Harder graphs questions  Video Solutions
 Sine and cosine rules, area of a triangle practice questions  Video Solutions
Mathematical ProofVideo Solutions
Questions by Topic – Middle Difficulty
Indices (Powers / Exponents)No video
Recurring decimals Video Solutions
Solving quadratics  Video Solutions
Setting up and solving quadratics  Video Solutions
Inequalities practice questions Video Solutions
Circle theorems practice questions  Video Solutions
Scale factors in similar shapes Video Solutions 
 Sets practice questions Video Solutions
Tree diagrams practice questions  Video Solutions
Multiplying out and factorising quadratics practice questions Video Solutions
Transformations practice questions  Video Solutions
Sectors and segments practice questions  Video Solutions
 3d shapes practice questions  Video Solutions
Questions by Topic – Easier Topics
Parallel lines Video Solutions
Easy Algebra 1
Easy Algebra 2
No video
Multiplying Out and Factorising Video Solutions
Linear simultaneous equations practice questions Video Solutions
Basic TrigonometryNo video
Prime factors, HCF, LCM Video Solutions
Fractions show that questions  Video Solutions
Angles in polygons Video Solutions
Ratio, percentages and scale factors Video Solutions
Standard form practice questions No video
Easier probability  Video Solutions
Plotting graphs (easy)

 Video Solutions
Constructions Video Solutions
 Bearings  Video Solutions
Using formulae for 2d shapes Video Solutions
Coordinate geometry Video Solutions
Sequences practice questions (Note not 9-1 APs questions) Video Solutions
Speed distance and time practice questions  Video Solutions
Straight lines practice questions Video Solutions
Questions by Topic – Statistics
 Mean Median Mode  Video Solutions
 Quartiles and IQR Video Solutions 
 Frequency Tables Video Solutions
Grouped and cumulative frequency Video Solutions
Histograms practice questions Video Solutions 1
Video Solutions 2