These questions are taken from the Specimen Exam materials and the real 2018 papers for the new syllabus AS and A-level mathematics courses and arranged by chapter of the textbooks by Goldie et al . There are a mixture of questions from OCR A, OCR B (MEI), Edexcel and AQA. Although the style of questions varies a little across the exam boards the content of the syllabus is almost identical so these are suitable for students preparing for any exam board. You can also watch a video where I talk about these worksheets in more detail here:

Video solutions for each set of questions are in progress and those not yet linked will be available soon.

Looking for Year 2 A-level worksheets? There’s another page here.

OCR A Textbook

MEI (OCR B) Textbook

AQA Textbook

Link to playlist with all Year 1 and AS video solutions produced so far

Chapter 1: ProofVideo Solutions
Chapter 2: Surds and IndicesVideo Solutions
Chapter 3a: Quadratic FunctionsVideo Solutions 1
Video Solutions 2
Chapter 3b: Modelling with QuadraticsVideo Solutions
Chapter 4: Equations and InequalitiesVideo Solutions
Chapter 5a: Straight LinesVideo Solutions
Chapter 5b: CirclesVideo Solutions 1
Video Solutions 2
Chapter 6a: Trigonometry (solving equations)Video Solutions 1
Video Solutions 2
Chapter 6b: Sine and Cosine rules, Area of triangleVideo Solutions
Chapter 7: PolynomialsVideo Solutions
Chapter 8: Graphs and TransformationsVideo Solutions
Chapter 9: The Binomial ExpansionVideo Solutions
Chapter 10a: DifferentiationVideo Solutions 1
Video Solutions 2
Chapter 10b: Applications of DifferentiationVideo Solutions
Chapter 10c: First Principles DifferentiationVideo Solutions
Chapter 11a: IntegrationVideo Solutions
Chapter 11b: Finding areas using integrationVideo Solutions
Chapter 12: VectorsVideo Solutions
Chapter 13a: LogarithmsVideo Solutions
Chapter 13b: Exponential ModellingVideo Solutions
Chapter 13c: Linearising with logarithmsVideo Solutions
Chapter 14: Data CollectionVideo Solutions
Chapter 15a: Averages, spread, boxplots + outliersVideo Solutions
Chapter 15b: HistogramsVideo Solutions
Chapter 15c: Scatter diagrams, correlation and regressionVideo Solutions
Chapter 15d: Misc Statistical reasoning + large dataset Video Solutions
Chapter 16: ProbabilityVideo Solutions
Chapter 17: The Binomial DistributionVideo Solutions
Chapter 18: Binomial Hypothesis TestingVideo Solutions
Chapter 19a: Velocity-Time GraphsVideo Solutions
Chapter 19b: Suvat equationsVideo Solutions
Chapter 20a: Forces and accelerationsVideo Solutions
Chapter 20b: Connected particles (not pulleys)Video Solutions
Chapter 20c: PulleysVideo Solutions
Chapter 21: Variable AccelerationVideo Solutions

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