Further down the page you can find a selection of past paper questions arranged by chapter of the A-level textbook. If you’re starting A-level maths I think you’d find the following course really useful – and all of the teaching videos in it are free (upgrade for worksheets + solutions) so it’s well worth taking a look:

AS and Year 1 A-level Maths Exam Questions by Topic:

These questions are taken from the Specimen Exam materials and the real 2018 papers for the new syllabus AS and A-level mathematics courses and arranged by chapter of the textbooks by Goldie et al . There are a mixture of questions from OCR A, OCR B (MEI) and Edexcel. Although the style of questions varies a little across the exam boards the content of the syllabus is almost identical so these are suitable for students preparing for any exam board.

Where did the AQA questions go?

Chapter 1: Problem SolvingVideo Solutions
Chapter 2: Surds and IndicesVideo Solutions
Chapter 3a: Quadratic FunctionsVideo Solutions
Chapter 3b: Modelling with QuadraticsVideo Solutions
Chapter 4: Equations and InequalitiesVideo Solutions
Chapter 5a: Straight LinesVideo Solutions
Chapter 5b: CirclesVideo Solutions
Chapter 6a: Trigonometry (solving equations)Video Solutions
Chapter 6b: Sine and Cosine rules, Area of triangleVideo Solutions
Chapter 7: PolynomialsVideo Solutions
Chapter 8: Graphs and TransformationsVideo Solutions
Chapter 9: The Binomial ExpansionVideo Solutions
Chapter 10a: DifferentiationVideo Solutions
Chapter 10b: Applications of DifferentiationVideo Solutions
Chapter 10c: First Principles DifferentiationVideo Solutions
Chapter 11a: IntegrationVideo Solutions
Chapter 11b: Finding areas using integrationVideo Solutions
Chapter 12: VectorsVideo Solutions
Chapter 13a: Logarithms
Chapter 13b: Exponential Modelling
Chapter 13c: Linearising with logarithms
Chapter 14: Data Collection
Chapter 15a: Averages, spread, boxplots + outliers
Chapter 15b: Histograms
Chapter 15c: Scatter diagrams, correlation and regression
Chapter 15d: Misc Statistical reasoning + large dataset
Chapter 16: Probability
Chapter 17: The Binomial Distribution
Chapter 18: Binomial Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 19a: Velocity-Time GraphsVideo Solutions
Chapter 19b: Suvat equationsVideo Solutions
Chapter 20a: Forces and accelerations
Chapter 20b: Connected particles and pulleys
Chapter 21: Variable Acceleration