AS and Year 1 A-level Maths Exam Questions by Topic

Linked below you can find collections of exam questions for the new A-level syllabus, with the questions arranged according to the chapters of the most popular textbooks.

Note: I don’t currently have mark-schemes for these papers and I have currently abandoned the project to make video solutions available but will look to provide alternative resources to help in future. All the questions are from official and freely available past papers and so solutions to individual questions can be found at the websites of the relevant exam boards.

Chapter 1: Problem Solving
Chapter 2: Surds and Indices
Chapter 3a: Quadratic Functions
Chapter 3b: Modelling with Quadratics
Chapter 4: Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 5a: Straight Lines
Chapter 5b: Circles
Chapter 6a: Trigonometry (solving equations)
Chapter 6b: Sine and Cosine rules, Area of triangle
Chapter 7: Polynomials
Chapter 8: Graphs and Transformations
Chapter 9: The Binomial Expansion
Chapter 10a: Differentiation
Chapter 10b: Applications of Differentiation
Chapter 10c: First Principles Differentiation
Chapter 11a: Integration
Chapter 11b: Finding areas using integration
Chapter 12: Vectors
Chapter 13a: Logarithms
Chapter 13b: Exponential Modelling
Chapter 13c: Linearising with logarithms
Chapter 14: Data Collection
Chapter 15a: Averages, spread, boxplots + outliers
Chapter 15b: Histograms
Chapter 15c: Scatter diagrams, correlation and regression
Chapter 15d: Misc Statistical reasoning + large dataset
Chapter 16: Probability
Chapter 17: The Binomial Distribution
Chapter 18: Binomial Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 19a: Velocity-Time Graphs
Chapter 19b: Suvat equations
Chapter 20a: Forces and accelerations
Chapter 20b: Connected particles and pulleys
Chapter 21: Variable Acceleration