UKMT Maths Challenges and Grade Boundaries

Here you can find information about and resources to help prepare for the UK’s main maths challenges for students aged 9-11. Select the competitions you are interested in below to see past certificate boundaries and online courses where you can work through past paper questions with full video hints and solutions to prepare.

Primary Maths Challenge (ages 9-11) (including the Bonus Round)

Junior Maths Challenge (ages 11-13)

Junior Kangaroo and Olympiad (follow on rounds to the JMC for the most advanced students)

Intermediate Maths Challenge (ages 13-16)

Grey and Pink Kangaroos and Intermediate Olympiad (follow on rounds to the IMC)

Senior Maths Challenge (ages 16-18)

If you are a private or home-schooled candidate you may also find the information here of use.

Official UKMT and BMO resources

Since 2021, with kind permission from the UKMT I have been making free maths challenge courses including real past paper questions for students preparing for the various maths challenges.

You can find more information about the challenges from the UKMT’s website at It includes past papers and solutions for recent years as well as an archive of individual questions and solutions going much further back. There is also a shop selling books and other preparation resources.

If you are preparing for the British Mathematical Olympiad (BMO) there is also a huge amount of useful material here.

Information for private or home-schooled students

I’m often asked by parents of home-schooled students or others not registered at a UKMT center if or how they can take part in the challenges, so I created the page here with all the information you need.