2023 Maths Challenge Dates

Below is a table showing the dates of the main UKMT and Mathematical Association Maths Challenges in 2023 (for 2024 dates see here).

Rows in bold are the main (first round) maths challenges open to all students. The non-bold rows are follow on rounds for those that do well in the first round (although it is often possible to pay to enter other students in these too).

I have also produced a number of free online courses to help students prepare, linked on the right of each row. These include (with permission from UKMT) real past challenge questions with my video hints and solutions.

In addition I recommend students take the paid courses Go for Gold (age 10-13) or Go for Gold (age 13-16) to prepare for the challenges.

I have also produced a number of YouTube videos explaining how the challenges work:

  1. What is the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge and how can you prepare?
  2. How to get gold in the Junior Maths Challenge (UKMT) and qualify for the Kangaroo and Olympiad
  3. How to get gold in the Intermediate Maths Challenge (UKMT) and qualify for the Kangaroo and Olympiad
  4. What score gets you Gold, Silver and Bronze in the UKMT Junior/Intermediate/Senior maths challenge?
  5. Should you guess in the UKMT Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenges? Rules and scoring
  6. How to take UKMT maths challenges as a home educated / home-schooled or private candidate
  7. Junior Maths Challenge 2022 (UKMT) – how you’ll get Gold more easily this year (+ Silver + Bronze)

(England + Wales)
(Northern Ireland)
Past Grade Boundaries
Weds 25th Jan 2023BMO 2Y12 Y13S5 S6Y13 Y14
Weds 1st Feb*Intermediate Maths ChallengeY9 Y10 Y11
(age 13-16)
S3 S4Y10 Y11 Y12Get Ready for the IMCGrade Boundaries
6th-10th Feb 2023Primary Bonus RoundY5 Y6
(age 9-11)
P5 P6Y6 Y7
Thurs 16th March 2023Grey KangarooY9S2Y10Get Ready for the Grey KangarooGrade Boundaries
Thurs 16th March 2023Pink KangarooY10 Y11S3 S4Y11 Y12coming
Grade Boundaries
Thurs 16th March 2023*Cayley OlympiadY9S2Y10coming
Grade Boundaries
Thurs 16th March 2023*Hamilton OlympiadY10S3Y11Grade Boundaries
Thurs 16th March 2023*Maclaurin OlympiadY11S4Y12Grade Boundaries
Weds 26th April 2023*Junior Maths ChallengeY7 Y8
(age 11-13)
S1 S2Y8 Y9Get Ready for the JMCGrade Boundaries
Weds 14th June 2023Junior KangarooY7 Y8S1 S2Y8 Y9Junior Kangaroo + OlympiadGrade Boundaries
Weds 14th June 2023*Junior OlympiadY7 Y8S1 S2Y8 Y9Junior Kangaroo + OlympiadGrade Boundaries
12th-23rd June 2023First Maths ChallengeY3 Y4
(age 9-11)
P3 P4Y4 Y5Coming soon! For Now: Prepare for the PMC
Weds 27th Sept 2023Mathematical Olympiad for GirlsY11 Y12 Y13S4 S5 S6Y12 Y13 Y14
Tues 3rd October 2023*Senior Maths ChallengeY12 Y13S5 S6Y13 Y14Get Ready for the SMCGrade Boundaries
6th – 17th November 2023Primary Maths ChallengeY5 Y6
(age 9-11)
P5 P6Y6 Y7Prepare for the PMC
Weds 15th November 2023Senior KangarooY12 Y13S5 S6Y13 Y14
Weds 15th November 2023*BMO 1Y12 Y13S5 S6Y13 Y14
* Schools on China Standard Time (UTC+8) sit these competitions on the following date.