11+ Mathematics course – by the Mathsaurus creator Kevin Olding, an expert instructor and former 11+ paper writer for a top London school

I am in the process of creating my first full online course, covering everything that you need to know to ace the 11+ Mathematics exam for entry to any school in the UK or for international schools following a UK curriculum. Read about the course below and sign up for the mailing list for an early access discount once the course is available.

I am also collecting here a page with links to UK schools offering free access to sample or real 11+ practice papers on their websites.

Preparing for the 11+ can be a stressful experience for students and parents alike, and good quality advice and expert private tuition can cost families thousands of pounds. In this course I aim to make high quality and comprehensive advice available at a fraction of this price through a new online course that is currently in production (Summer 2020).

My experience

  • Trained to teach working for 3 years at the prestigious Westminster School in London and for 4 years worked at and wrote the 11+ Mathematics paper for Dulwich College in London
  • Expert tutor, with a track record of success at 11+, 13+, GCSE and A-level also with current students preparing at this level. See my Tutorfair profile here but contact me here if you are interested in individual lessons for a discount
  • First Class MMATH Mathematics degree from Magdalen College, Oxford, MSc in Applied Statistics from Birkbeck, University of London (Distinction and prize for best overall performace), MRes in Statistical Applied Mathematics (Distinction and soon PhD) from the University of Bath

The course will cover

  • When and how to start preparing for the exam
  • How to best support a student and minimise the need for expensive tuition
  • Banks of 11+ questions written especially for this course across a wide range of topics
  • Advice on preparing for interviews for private schools
  • A topic by topic coverage of every type of question asked by common entrance and individual school 11+ papers
  • Easy to follow lessons and video worked examples for children to use
  • Advice videos aimed at parents on how to help children prepare for the toughest parts of these exams

Early access discount available for mailing list subscribers!

Work on this course is in progress and so if you would like to be the first to hear when the Mathsaurus 11+ Mathematics preparation course is ready and to get the early access discount be sure to sign up to the mailing list below. Once the course is mostly complete I will offer a large early access discount to subscribers to the mailing list and also use your feedback to provide additional content for the finished course, so make sure you sign up using the form below.

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I promise to send e-mails to this list at most once per fortnight with updates (and probably a lot less until the course is complete) and the mailing list is managed by Revue so it is easy to unsubscribe later if you no longer want updates. If you have any questions or suggestions for this course then please also feel free to contact me via the contact page here.