Need a little extra help with maths?   I tend to get very busy with my research and making these videos and so only very occasionally have time to take on new students, but when I do I use the Tutorfair website linked below.  There are a range of excellent tutors at a variety of price levels available at the link below and many offer Skype/online lessons so have a look!

Find a tutor, online or in person, at:tutorfair_logo_small.png.pagespeed.ce.nhB_I9BfXt

You can also send me a message using the form below if you have any feedback about the website, videos or anything else.   I try to reply to as many messages as I can and always welcome general suggestions but please note that I can’t generally respond to particular maths questions – if there’s something you’re stuck on it may be better to comment on a relevant YouTube video or ask a question on the message boards at a website like The Student Room.