GCSE + IGCSE Maths past paper walkthroughs

Over the last few years I’ve made YouTube videos going through various GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics past papers so I’ve made a page to be able to find them all easily. In some cases I’ve done the full papers and in others just the hardest questions:

Note: There are also other pages with actual past papers and a page of Edexcel IGCSE exam questions by topic.

IGCSE – Edexcel

2H January 2019: Full walkthrough
1H Jun 2018: Q14-17 Q18-20
2H Jun 2018: Q21-23
Sample Paper 3H: Full walkthrough
Sample Paper 4H: Full walkthrough
Practice Paper 1: Full walkthrough
Practice Paper 2: Hardest Questions Video

IGCSE – Cambridge (0580)

2018 Paper 4: Full walkthrough