These questions are taken from the Specimen Exam materials and the real 2018 papers for the new syllabus AS and A-level mathematics courses and arranged by chapter of the textbooks by Goldie et al . There are a mixture of questions from OCR A, OCR B (MEI) and Edexcel. Although the style of questions varies a little across the exam boards the content of the syllabus is almost identical so these are suitable for students preparing for any exam board.

Where did the AQA questions go?

Note: This page is currently being recreated and the documents from Ch6 onwards will be back online soon.

Chapter 1: ProofVideo Solutions
Chapter 2: TrigonometryVideo Solutions
Chapter 3: Sequences and seriesVideo Solutions
Chapter 4a: Functions, inverses, domain and range
Chapter 4b: The modulus function
Video Solutions
Video Solutions
Chapter 5: DifferentiationVideo Solutions
Chapter 6: Trigonometric functions
Chapter 7: Further algebra
Chapter 8: Trigonometric identities
Chapter 9: Further differentiation
Chapter 10: Integration
Chapter 11: Parametric equations
Chapter 12: Vectors
Chapter 13: Differential equations
Chapter 14: Numerical methods
Chapter 15: Probability
Chapter 16: Statistical distributions
Chapter 17: Statistical hypothesis testing
Chapter 18: Kinematics
Chapter 19: Forces and motion
Chapter 20: Moments of forces
Chapter 21: Projectiles
Chapter 22: A model for friction