I never did a PGCE, nor did I ever gain QTS – but I did teach successfully for 7 years in the top academic independent schools of London. As such my choice of books below might be slightly esoteric. I basically think that the best way to learn about teaching is to do it in a school with supportive colleagues, to try to learn from your mistakes and reflect on what you’ve done. But I get asked a lot for book recommendations, so decided to make this page with books that I have read and enjoyed about teaching, or that I think could be useful. On reflection, I think books about teaching become a lot more useful a few years into a teaching career!

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Philosophy of the Teacher – Nigel Tubbs

Not a teacher training book, but honestly I found this more helpful than anything else available when I was starting out as a teacher. Because teaching is not just a set of techniques and best practices – it it a complex and evolving relationship between teacher and students that approached from the right starting points can be transformative and inspirational for all involved.

A compendium of mathematical methods – Jo Morgan

From the creator of the excellent resourceaholic blog, this book goes through different methods for solving school level maths. I’d imagine this would just as helpful for new teachers looking to brush up as for experienced teachers wanting to consider the merits of different approaches, or to improve their students confidence by arming them with multiple methods to solve particular problems.

Making Every Maths Lesson Count – Emma McCrea

52 high impact strategies to help you navigate the complex world that is the mathematics classroom!