UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge 2022

Free: Get ready for the Intermediate Maths Challenge

The Intermediate Maths Challenge in 2022 will take place between 2nd and 3rd February 2022. Students usually take this paper in years 9, 10 and 11 in England, S4 or below in Scotland and Years 12 or below in Northern Ireland, but the competition is open to entrants from younger year groups too. Many schools overseas also enter students, but entrants must be of an equivalent age and be students at official UKMT test centres – applications from private individuals or tutors is not allowed.

How to take Maths Challenges if you’re home schooled or working with a private tutor.

On other pages on this site, you can find a table of grade boundaries from past years. Certificates are awarded to 40% of entrants in the ratio 1:2:3, so about 7% receive Gold certificates, 13% Silver and 20% Bronze. Of those achieving a Gold Certificate, around 10,000 students go on to take the Junior Kangaroo follow on round and 2,000 take the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

Further information and past papers for the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge can be found on the official website here.