Online Maths Tools

Wolfram Alpha Powerful tool which will answer most maths problems for you – you can also ask it to tell you a joke!
Desmos  Free graphing tool
Geogebra  Apps for Geometry and Statistics
Stat Trek Statistical tools and tables

Websites about school level Maths


CIMT Plymouth Well thought through resources from primary to A-level (don’t be fooled by the old fashioned looking website!)
Maths Helper According to it’s home page,  the 3,834,967th best mathematical website in the world. Lots of good content, especially for Oxbridge and Olympiad preparation.
Corbett Maths Loads of worksheets, videos and solutions. Good for GCSE.
Physics and Maths Tutor   Great for A-level.   Some good advice on writing personal statements too.
Dr Frost Maths Excellent set of slides, worksheets and more – really good resources for students and teachers!
The Maths Professor  Mini papers on all topics at GCSE, sorted by grade boundaries.
 NRICH Maths  Mathematics enrichment at all levels
 Further Maths GCSE Some good resources for the AQA Further Maths GCSE

Other interesting and/or useful websites

 Famous Curves Index A list of famous mathematical curves along with descriptions and history.
Incompetech  Free customisable graph paper to downlaod.
 StatPages  Links to statistical software and information (advanced).
 Mrs Krummel  LaTeX Video Tutorials (for typesetting maths)
 Putnam Maths Archive  Past Papers for a really really hard maths challenge for university students.
 NIST  Digital Library of Mathematical Functions.
 Random Information about randomness and random numbers.
 Resourcaholic Blog  Ideas and resources for teaching secondary school mathematics.

A small selection of other people’s YouTube videos about maths that I like

 3Blue1Brown Fractals are not self-similar
 Domain of Science The Map of Mathematics
 3Blue1Brown Essence of Linear Algebra playlist