Online Maths Tools

Wolfram Alpha Powerful general solving tool
Desmos  Free graphing tool
Geogebra Apps for Geometry and Statistics
Stat Trek Statistical tools and tables
Incompetech  Free customisable graph paper to downlaod

Resources for GCSE and A-Level Mathematics

Resourcaholic Blog Comprehensive resource blog
CIMT PlymouthWell thought through resources from primary to A-level
Maths Helper Lots of good content, especially for Oxbridge and Olympiad preparation
Corbett MathsLoads of worksheets, videos and solutions. Good for GCSE
Physics and Maths Tutor Lots of past papers and good advice on writing personal statements
 Further Maths GCSESome good resources for the AQA Further Maths GCSE
Maths GenieGCSE questions by topic (9-1)
A Level Maths RevisionA-level exam questions by topic

Maths Challenges – past papers

JMCJunior Maths Challenge (UKMT)
IMCIntermediate Maths Challenge (UKMT)
SMCSenior Maths Challenge (UKMT)
PutnamPutnam Maths Challenge (university, very hard!)

Other interesting and/or useful websites

 Famous Curves IndexA list of famous mathematical curves along with descriptions and history.
 StatPages Links to statistical software and information (advanced).
 Mrs Krummel LaTeX Video Tutorials (for typesetting maths)
 NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions.
 RandomInformation about randomness and random numbers.
 NRICH Maths  Mathematics enrichment at all levels
The Maths Professor No longer exists?