GCSE/IGCSE Group Lessons

On Tuesdays at 5pm (UK time) I run a 45 minute small group class via Zoom focused on GCSE and IGCSE maths, aimed at students looking to achieve the top grades. Book here for these classes here.

Each week we will look at a particular topic – the rough plan is listed below (though note that we may also look at a few off-topic problems in each session).

All sessions will include some introductory explanation and then a chance to work through some questions, starting with easier examples and building to harder questions that I have written myself or from real exams.

Topics will be covered thoroughly but it will also be assumed that students may have covered the topics to some extent at school – so they are intended as a `top-up’ and will not constitute a complete GCSE course.

Although students will benefit from attending all sessions, the sessions are mostly independent and so they may attend individual sessions or a sequence of them as convenient.

Draft schedule

Note: I may adjust the schedule as the classes go along to meet the needs of the students that are coming to the sessions so please take this as a rough guide only – we may cover other topics in the sessions in addition.

Tues 13th September 2022Scale factors
Tues 20th September 2022(Linear) Simultaneous Equations
Tues 27th September 2022Trigonometry – Pythagoras and SOHCAHTOA
Tues 4th September 2022Factorising – linear and quadratic
further topics to be decided

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or use the button here to book now for this or any of my other classes or 1-1 tuition.