This page contains links to videos I’ve created that don’t fit naturally into any of the course pages but that you might enjoy watching, like random talks I’ve given or interesting bits of maths.

Is mathematics really out there, waiting to be discovered, or is it a human invention? Either way, if maths is really all around us shouldn’t I be able to find it on a short walk around the beautiful (4K video!) and historic city of Bath Spa?

A video on preparing for maths exams, with a focus on the things you should be doing in the last few days before the exam.

Two videos on the maths of elections and voting systems, originally made as a lecture at the University of Bath in 2019.

A talk, originally given at the University of Bath in 2020, on the impacts of the move to online teaching during the coronavirus pandemic and what it might mean for the future of maths education post-pandemic.

This might be my favourite bit of maths – a video about the amazing fractal patterns you get when you colour Pascal’s triangle according to different number systems (binary, ternary etc.).