Changes to A-level exam questions by topic content (March 2021)

I have removed all of the videos in the A-level questions by topic series. I have also removed all AQA content from the problem sets. This is due to the possibility of copyright issues from the exam board AQA. I am currently working on editing and reuploading the video solutions without AQA content.

It was recently brought to my attention that the exam board AQA have a policy of not allowing their materials to be used in any form in YouTube videos and have a history of issuing copyright strikes against people using their content in this way. Other exam boards leave the situation ambiguous, but everyone seems to exist happily on the assumption that the boards are content. It would be better of course if exam boards acknowledged the benefit in these sorts of resources, but that’s where we are.

If you are an HoD or school leader or know someone who is, please put some pressure on the exam boards to update their intellectual property clauses to give teachers making content, and especially free content, the security that their channels won’t be deleted for creating solution videos to publicly available past papers. Ultimately the exam boards are private companies, and schools insisting only on using exam boards with such policies can ensure that the best range of resources is available to students.